summer bucket list

I feel like every summer I try and set myself goals which i eventually forget and give up on, but as I get older I'm realising I'm running out of the long 6 week summers that I get from school. So, here is the list of everything I want to have achieved and or done by the end of summer this year.

beach, ocean, and summer image summer, girl, and beach image
Go to a beach
aesthetic, boys, and ice cream truck image adventure, food, and fun image
Get ice cream from an ice cream van
aesthetic, black, and skateboard image love, couple, and skate image
Go skateboarding
car, clouds, and cloudy sky image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Watch the sunrise
london, travel, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Go to a different city
areia, bff, and girls image hair, friends, and beach image
Made new friends
sky and fun image boardwalk image
Go to a amusement park