Hello everyone! My name is Amandine and currently I am fifteen years old.

Today I have written my very first article on WHI!
My first article is going to be this very fun "challenge", it's called: The colours in my name challenge. I've seen it a couple times on WHI and I think it's always very fun to read these articles!

Enjoy! <333

A: Amber

girl, flowers, and photography image freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image art, girl, and aesthetic image girl, aesthetic, and fire image aesthetic and eyes image header and clouds image hair, ginger, and red hair image Image by ButterfliesHurricanes

M: Midnight

owl, night, and dark image blue, grunge, and dark image butterfly, blue, and aesthetic image aesthetics, black, and dark colors image sky, clouds, and dark image blue, stained glass window, and church window image blue, aesthetic, and velvet image girl, dark, and grunge image space, neon, and blue image blue, jellyfish, and neon image

A: Antique Brass

pink, rose, and flowers image dog, cute, and animal image art, flowers, and aesthetic image concert, pink, and the 1975 image fashion, pink, and style image home, pink, and room image quotes, happiness, and pink image fashion, outfit, and style image art, flowers, and pink image animal, deer, and bambi image

N: Neon Red

gryffindor, harry potter, and red image red, music, and aesthetic image red, Elle Fanning, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and light image red, hands, and grunge image red, art, and dance image stranger things, quotes, and red image aesthetic, red, and daredevil image

D: Daffodil

yellow, vans, and shoes image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image yellow, art, and aesthetic image neon, light, and aesthetic image yellow, flowers, and smile image girl, dance, and light image yellow, sun, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and nature image

I: Ivory

skins, cassie, and pure image flowers, vintage, and collar image fashion, outfit, and clothes image hair, white, and hairstyle image feelings, list, and quotes image accessories, beautiful, and fashion image moon, necklace, and style image milan, travel, and architecture image

N: Napier Green

nature, girl, and green image green, aesthetic, and lightning image Image by zm moon, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic, green, and harry potter image Inspiring Image on We Heart It green, summer, and tree image the smiths, Lyrics, and there is a light that never goes out image

E: Electric Violet

love, quotes, and grunge image arctic monkeys, purple, and grunge image moon image purple, fashion, and jacket image purple, aesthetic, and hands image fireworks, purple, and light image pink, grunge, and purple image neon and girl image
What's your favourite colour?