Hello everybody. How are you today ? For today's article, i am going to talk about how you can lift your spirits during a tough week. We all go through tough moments in our lives, but what makes the difference is the way we are dealing with that. So here are some helpful advices which are going to make you feel better and give you the energy to face the difficulties in your life.

1. Get rid of the negativity around you:

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You are going through a hard time, the last thing you need is more negativity in your life. Surround yourself with positive people, laugh more, talk more, go out with them more.

2. Take a break :

Have a good rest from time to time, you can't feel better if your body feels exhausted, have enough sleep. Sleep earlier.

3. Don't be afraid to selfishly think about yourself :

Nobody will take care of you the way that you do. So if you want to stay home alone instead of going out with your friend, just say no. You need to start saying no when you want to say no.

4. Face your emotions :

If you feel bad for something, face your feelings, sit down a little bit and think about the way you feel, cry if you want to cry, scream if you want to scream. The best way to get rid of the sadness you feel is to admit that you feel sad first, don't ignore your feelings and force yourself to smile. NO. If you want to heal completely you need to face those feelings first, then start doing things that will make you feel better.

5. Be grateful :

Be grateful for what you have, that's very important !

6. Ask for support :

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If you need your friend's help, don't hesitate, ask for their help.

7. Go out more :

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8. Eat different things :

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Change your food routine, it helps !

9.Focus on your qualities:

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are going through the valleys of life. But you are who you are. And you are becoming even stronger during tough times. So remind yourself your wonderful qualities, list them, write them down on a post it and stick it somewhere you will always see it.

10. Make someone happy :

When you make someone happy , it comes back to you.

So that's it for today's article hearters. Hope you'll like it.

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