soo since february is almost over, i decided to do article about my favourites in this month. lets get strated :)


favourite album: so i was listening to mania by fall out boy a lot, it has some really dope songs and crankthatfrank told me to buy it so i did
favourite song: i know it just came out, but want you back by 5sos is dope and ive been listening to it since it came out, so yeah. also, loser by falling in reverse is one of my favourite songs atm too.

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TV Shows / Movies

favourite tv show: i wasnt watching a lot of new tv shows lately, but i was watching the end of the fucking world with my brother on the beginning of february, so this is it.
favourite movie: i am not a movie person, but we were watching the pianist in school and it was beautiful.

the pianist alternative


favourite youtuber: i just discovered Sophie Louise and i really love her videos :) and ofcourse, Shane Dawson and his squad.
favourite video: hard to pick just one, but propably this one:

shane, youtube, and shane dawson image


favourite thing to do: i started to write articles on here and it really made me strart to blog again which i love. its like my personal diary on here haha
favourite day: 2/18/18 was beautiful. ive had a beautiful day with my christian group and i cried a little.
favourite thing ive learnt: to love myself

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favourite article of mine:
/i love all of them, but i think this one is the most important to me/

favourite photos of mine:

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soo thats about it i think
make sure to do one of these too and send them to me!! :)