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So this is an original tag by me about what makes me special and I'm starting this one because I want you all think about what makes you special. Everyone is special so I'd be happy if the message spreads fast and everyone becomes aware of their beautiful traits.
I hope nobody else has done this tag already but I'm not copying even if someone has.

Let's start!

1. I think in three to four languages

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Well, well, well

My head is a real mess with all of my thoughts in different languages. So when I start to talk there is so much mixture that sometimes people don't get me but this makes me special in a weird way because now my friends just accept the fact that they have to ask me to say it again in one language only.

2. I have way to many different interests

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Every new hobby is like a new window to open

It's such a vast variety of interests I have that it doesn't make any sense to others how someone can be interested in both. For example, I love talking about celebrities and gossip I hear at school. Then I have that part where I want to talk about politics or discuss if God really exists.That's why it's hard for me to find someone who can talk about everything but I do have my sisters.

3. I can't hate anyone especially not myself

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If you can't love yourself you can't love anyone else

When I was younger I hated lots of people most probably because I was jealous. At some point in my life I was so grateful to have the body, the personality and the life that I have, all of the hate just vanished. This neither means that I don't work on myself nor that I don't gossip sometimes. I would, however, never go out of my way to hurt someone. This is the part I like most about myself.

4. I keep on singing even if everyone tells me not to

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It just makes me happy

I think most humans want to murder me when I start singing but it's such a relief to me that I would never stop. Sorry, haters :)

5. I keep small pieces of memories

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Keep this in my mind and I have never regretted anything

I'm not talking about photos. I have those too but I'm talking about more subtle ones. For example, a doodle I made on the side of my notebook. I just tear it away and keep it a plastic bag. I have so many things in that bag it needs a new article to list them all. When I go through these things every small detail comes back whereas for someone else it's just a piece of cloth or something.

6. I like school

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SO true

I don't mention that often and my parents think I hate school but I know that once I'm not in school anymore I'm going to miss it so much. That's why I try to appreciate every day of school and anyway I'm happy for getting education so my brain doesn't get waisted.

This is it! There might be other things special about me but I think these are my favourite ones.

What makes you special? For this question I'm tagging:

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Ioana Apostol
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lost souls club

Thanks so much for reading!