Hi hi hi this is my first time writing an article so sorry if this is terrible. And sorry for my english!


Superthumb 90s 90s Superthumb retro alternative
idk i love marla catherine // unif // i love rachel greens style so much // cute // ok if you couldnt already tell i love stripes


aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb
piano and singing // painting // i love photography so much // theatre


aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
Violet // yellow // navy blue // red

Dreams & Goals

airplane happy Superthumb aesthetic
travel // to be genuinely happy // become a professional photographer // idk how to say this but i just really want to do everything that i really want to iiiiii dooont knooow


90s ashton kutcher grey's anatomy dustin
friends // 70's show // Grey's Anatomy // stranger things


harry potter charlie the secret life of bees 90s
harry potter // the perks of being a wallflower // the secret life of bees // clueless

Place i really want to travel

Superthumb Superthumb architecture Superthumb
Peru // Nepal // Paris (i've been there a couple of times but its my favorite place) // New York


blueberry avocado fitness food

Future home

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic city
i know this was really random but i dont care big windows // plants // apartment // i would like to live in a city