Hello everyone. Today is Sunday, it's really cold outside, so I will stay home all day and write a new article. 🙂 I saw a lot of people did this #ABCtag and I thought I will do it too.



15, autumn, and numbers image

B-Best movie

Fast and Furious

fast and furious, Vin Diesel, and ride or die image

C-Current time

5:19 PM

Image by 61dilara

D-Drink you last had

Green tea

tea image

E-Everyday starts with


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F-Favorite song

BTS-Not Today
BTS-Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix)

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G-Grossest moment

I don't think I had any

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158 cm or 5'2

forgot, girly, and short image

I-In love with

Sport and music

fitness, girl, and fit image Image by Danielle Felten


Of people with money and who can get whatever they want without any effort (in school, job, friendship, life situations)

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K-Killed someone


L-Last time you cried

A few days ago when I was watching cute BTS videos on YouTube 😂

bts, jin, and v image

M-Middle name

Don't have a middle name

N-Number of siblings

I'm the only child

O-One wish

Achieve everything that I planned for this year

dreams, your, and don't scare image

P-Person you last called/texted


beach, girl, and friends image

Q-Questions you are always asked

How are you? and What?

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R-Reasons to smile

Everyday is a reason smile. Animals, good weather, new funny memes on Facebook, great food, tea, coffee, ice cream, articles on WHI 🙂

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S-Song you last sang

I think it was Rock and Roll by EDEN

eden, music, and singer image

T-Time you woke up

8:00 AM

Image by Kawaii Potato

U-Underwear color


Image by ✰✰✰JEWELSY✰✰✰

V-Vacation place(s)

Somewhere near nature or in the big city

los angeles image nature and mountains image

W-Worst habit

Don't have any

X-X-rays you've had

Of my teeth

braces, lips, and mouth image

Y-Your favorite food

Anything vegan 🌱

fit, fitness, and food image sandwich, food, and chickpea image cake, chocolate, and dessert image food image

Z-Zodiac sign


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