Hi dear hearter! Hope you're feeling good today 🌹
I'm back with an other article about what I do to boost my mood when I feel sad or demotivated. Hope you will love it 🖤


Watch your holidays movies, your vacation photos, share it and remind all the good moments you had with people you love!

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(Fav : make photo-album of vacation and watch it every time I need)


Who don't feel better after a cuddle ?

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(Fav : boyfriend's cuddles)

Listen music and dance

Make a personal playlist, maybe with songs which motivate you or just make you feel happy, play it loudly in your entire house and dance!

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My fav : petit biscuit song's

Watch Disney movies

Let down stress, life troubles and worries ... Disney will bring you to childhood when everything was so easy and peaceful!

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(Fav : Mulan, Pocahontas, 101 dalmatians, Lilo & ... Okay I stop here! #Loveeverydisney)

Eat favorite food

Enjoy yourself, eat something you love above all and don't guilt!

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(Fav : pancakes with banana and lots of chocolate!)

Do yoga or fitness

Boost your body will boost your mood. Do you know it ?

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( Fav : running and pilates)

Take care of yourself

Take time to take care of yourself is THE best thing you can do to boost your mood, your self-confident and feel pretty inside and outside. So take care of your skin, change your hairstyle or do your nails, you will feel like a new you!

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(Fav : Scrub, face mask and make my nails)


Read a fiction, a magazine, an article ... Anyway, reading is a really good thing to empty and rest your mind!

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My fav : Personal development books

Go outside with dog (or alone)

Pass time with pets is really helpful when you have sad moments or just need motivation. They will always be here for you and there's nowhere you can feel more alive than outside, in nature.

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(Best : Milord, my french bulldog)

Clean house

Tidy-up your room, clean your kitchen and make everything clear to feel good at home.

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(can't feel good in messy places ...)

Time with family

Just call your mom, your granny or if you have the chance to live near to them, take the time to make things with them, you probably don't know how much you're lucky! My mood is at its maximum when a talk to my family.

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(Fav : spending hours and hours on the phone with granny)

Play video game

Enjoy it, alone, with friends or with boyfriend! It's just a chill moment and you will destress and feel good.

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(Fav : Wii games with friends)

Go shopping

As I already said in an article, this is my true therapy (my banker is not agree).

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Watch serie

Of course, in case you need reconfort, Netflix is your best friend.

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(Serie of the moment : The big bang therory)

Start a bullet journal

Start being organised, clear and stop procrastinating! You will be so proud of you!

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Go in a coffee

You can read, just order hot drinks, talk with friends! Coffee are cozy and warm places you can feel good, observe people habits and chill.

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Take care and love yourself.

Rose J.

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