I was thirteen. A new guy arrived at school. Everyone told stories about him, that he was fired several times, that he was a bad guy. Really? He didn't seem so "dangerous" to me...

At this time, I was the "perfect" girl. I had good grades. I obeyed my parents. I didn't smoke. I didn't have a boyfriend. I came back home right after school.

I started to feel attracted to this guy who was my complete opposite. He smoked. He went out with girls. He was disruptive. But he was also cute. And he was an artist. I lived in Disneyland and he lived on some planet far away.
Each time he talked to me, I blushed. I was too shy to say anything.

2 years later came the final trip to London. Then we would be separated. For once my parents accepted that I go. Yes yes yes!!! Some freedom, finally!
We were on the ferry coming back from this trip. It was nighttime. I hate ferries. I hate boats in general. I was sort of sick. So I went outside to get some fresh air. He was there with two friends.

He called out to me. What? Me? I didn't expect that. I thought he considered me as a good friend.

When I was close enough, he whispered: "Do you want to kiss me?". His friends were just there, staring at me.

For 2 seconds, a hundred thoughts jumped into my mind: "That's your chance baby", "Do you really want to make your first kiss in front of these guys?", "But I love him"... until my mum's voice popped up: "Go away. You're not supposed to kiss a guy at your age".

I was shocked and scared. It seemed that my mum was just there, next to me, facing me. I ran away, knowing that I had ruined the best and last chance I had to be with the guy I loved for 2 years.

The moral of this story: be brave. Make your own choices. Don't think about what others might say. Don't be afraid to be judged, even by the people you love.

"Just keep moving forward. And don't give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do for you" (Johnny Depp).