Hi everyone! I'm a bit of a mess, and with all the stress of the exams I wasn't able to do the challenge, but I am doing it now, and I will set an alarm in my phone to upload every day! (I'll try)😂 Let's do day 2!

Make a list of 5 things that make you happy

1 • Coffee

coffee, drink, and food image boy, coffee, and black and white image

Coffee is one of the things that make me happy, I can't live without a cup of coffee. It goes with everything, from a good book, to meeting people and talk about your day. It's amazing how conversation evolves around coffee.

2 • Books

aesthetic, alternative, and bibliophile image bed, books, and chill image

With a good book and coffee I can live for ever. I love reading books when I have time and if not, I'll read them too 😂

3 • Travelling

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My mother has travelled a lot and this is a thing that I've learnt from her. Explore the things this world gives you, because there is more out there than what you know.

4 • Animals

animal, cute, and snow image cat, cute, and animal image

I'm in love with animals and I wish I could have them all!! ❤

5 • Music

beautiful, instrument, and light image Image by Clara Otero

My mother was a ballet dancer, and my father sings very good (he is the reason I can sing) so music has been always in my life, and as for now I couldn't live with out it.

So... Do you like the same things?
I hope you liked it, and I hope I can upload tomorrow the next day of this challenge.
Thank you for reading!

Love you!