We start the week still feeling the effects of Sun sextiling Saturn and perhaps the aftermath of the Venus square Mars we experienced over the weekend.

Venus sextiles Pluto on the 27th, and Mercury squares Mars in the early hours of the 28th before going on to sextile Pluto later that same day. On the 1st of March, we have Venus trining Jupiter, followed by the Full Moon in Virgo. On the 2nd, Mercury trines Jupiter.

Then to finish off the week we have Mercury conjuncting Venus and the Sun conjuncting the Neptune on the 4th. All times CST.

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Your inner life is getting quite the workout at the moment. Some may be involved in a secret romance, possibly with a work connection. While midweek may lead to an argument, there is also the possibility of you reaping some reward at this time too. Overall though, this is a time for rest, recuperation and dreaming. Career is an important focus for you at this time, but any plans you have in this direction are likely to be kept to yourself for now.


Friends continue to play an important role in your life at this time. Opening up and sharing your views with friends will likely reap great rewards this week. Where you may trip up a little is in the matter of shared resources or possessions. This is a great time to be out and about with your partner. Those that are single may find themselves falling for someone they meet through friends or groups they belong to.


Your career is where most of your focus will be this week. Budgets and more responsibility for finances are strong possibilities for many. Time spent with your partner may be a little tense if you are finding it difficult to leave your work at work though. Your ability to get along well with colleagues and superiors in the workplace are likely to win your respect at this time.


Many of you will be traveling at this time and those that aren’t are likely to be dreaming about doing so. Some will be knuckling down and studying in preparation of storming the castle in the next year or so. Those that are traveling may find themselves involved in a holiday romance. Do take care though, especially midweek, as you are more accident prone at this time.


This is likely to be a significant week for you in some way, particularly when it comes to shared possessions and finances. With Neptune in the mix though, be sure that everything is as it should be, a little bit of scepticism now may save some sorrow later on. For those in relationships, this week may be a highly romantic and erotic time.


Love and romance are likely to be strongly on your mind at this time. The only real fly in the ointment may be a sticking point between your partner and your family or home. This is likely to blow over quickly though, and your focus is once again on relationships and enjoying time with your partner.


You are getting along well with colleagues at this time (for the most part) and are likely to be interested in improving your health and fitness as well. Early in the week there may be a war or words between you and a co-worker, but this is likely to blow over quickly and the rest of your week run smoothly. Some may even be enjoying an office romance at this time. Money should be good for you at this time, and many will receive some type of bonus or reward this week.


The fun continues at this time for you Scorpio. The only real disappointment this week may relate to finances in some way. This is unlikely to slow you down for too long though as there is too much fun, and contentment with children, friends and lovers for you to wallow in financial disappointment for any length of time.


Your focus is strongly on your home and family at this time. You are likely to spend a lot of time beautifying your home and catching up with loved ones. Midweek you may find yourself wanting to stir up some controversy and saying something that you know will upset the apple cart. This is unlikely to last long though, and it will soon be back to happy families and idyllic times at your home.


Communications continue to dominate your world at this time. Midweek you may need to watch your attention when communicating with others, as you may somehow let loose with something that you really would have preferred to keep under your hat for now. Time spent with friends, and with siblings and cousins is likely to be time well spent this week.


Finances and possessions are likely to be at the forefront of your thoughts this week. Your desire to buy beautiful things will be strong this week, although you may be best to research a little when it comes to higher priced items, as you are easily swayed at this time. Midweek you may find yourself in disagreement with a friend or someone you know though a group, with money quite possibly being the cause of the problem.


You’re looking great Pisces, and this is likely to be a fun and popular time for you. Midweek may be a little harder on you, and you may find that work takes up so much time and energy that you feel unable to be available to your adoring masses after your work is done. Not to worry, you soon are feeling up to par again and out and about being your charming self.