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sometimes, we are at the point of life where we have no inspiration to do anything. we have no inspiration to create our art, no inspiration to read something, simply, we are in this cycle of doing nothing even when we really want to do something, but we have no clue of what to do and how to do it.

in a lot of situations like this, its really hard to find the inspiration. we try to find it in anything, but in some times, we literally cant find ANYTHING that could inspirate us.

i find that looking on we heart it really helps me. for example, if i really want to write something, but i dont know what, i look up writing prompts or writing challenges (like this one). or when i want to draw or paint something, i look up some tutorials or art of other people on here so i can try to recreate it or take the inspiration from it.

some similiar pages to this are deviantart or pinterest, i am sure you've heard of them.

but to even have inspiration in my life, i need more than just some websites. like... people?

so, here is the list of people who inspirate me.

5 seconds of summer

i find a lot of inspiration in musicians, because i love music. and these four australian dorks are my biggest inspirations in my life. not only they saved my life, they saved life of a lot of other people and their music speaks for thousands and thousand of people. luke literally started in his blue room with his covers and now they are one of the biggest bands of the industry.

how good does it have to feel that they covered ed sheeran in 2013 and ed sheeran covered their song in 2015-thats how fast they blowed up.

music Adele

their frienship is the friendship i've always wished i had. they are always there for each other, literally goals. michael and his girlfriend crystal are literally goals too and i admire michael for coming out with the fact that he has girlfriend and handeling the fans hate because of it.

5sos luke hemmings band luke hemmings

5sos inspired me to start playing guitar. ive always wished that the first song i would learn on guitar would be some of their songs, but sadly i still cant play guitar and the first song ive learnt was pumped up kicks uhm..

they were on a tour with one direction-one of the biggest pop bands and they still managed to be the rock band in the industry if you know what i mean.

theyve done 2 world tours so far and they made thousands and thousand of their fans happy with their music and personalities. they are always there for their fans and their connection to their fans is literally one of the best ones in the industry.

theyve made huge fandom. 5sos fam. apart of occasional arguments we are one of the nicest and best fandoms out there. ive made a lot of friends through this band and i am so happy to have them in my life. we stick together, we help each other. we fangirl together. and our inside jokes are the best.

tweet ashton 5sos poem

there literally isnt one song by them that i wouldnt love. they tell my feelings through music and even though ive never met them, hugged them or seen them live, they are still there for me with their music.

and even after 2 years of being inactive, their music still beats the charts.

Superthumb Superthumb

so, if you have anything against these 4 amazing people, come and fight me. :-)

lifesaver luke hemmings band tweet tweet Superthumb tweet Superthumb
Its okay not to be okay.
- Michael Clifford


here goes another perfect human being. she showes that being anxious is okay, she showes that we are all human beings with problems and having issues is normal and okay.

she sings about important issues and even though she is youtuber, i still find her real and that is really unique for me in youtubers.

aesthetic Superthumb


not even she is doing what she wants whenever she wants and how she wants it, she speaks for everything important in this world and her songs are one of the best in industry.

she speaks about bisexuality, feminism and everything she does on her tour is for her fans and she makes sure everything is how it is meant to be.

her connection to her fans is princeless-she even remembers some of them!! not to mention she stands up for them and loves them with all of her heart.

halsey flowers twitter Superthumb

Alessia Cara

another princeless girl. i really love people that speak for the important stuff in this industry. these days, its really unique and you dont find real people.

not to mention i always have goosebumps listening to songs like scars to your beautiful and 1-800-273-8255.

she doesnt have a problem with doing a gig in just a tee and jeans, but all of other artists go on gigs dressed like they are going on a red carpet (nothing wrong with that either, but i like it the way Alessia does it.)

alessia cara gif


you knew that after mentioning 1-800 i had to include logic. i am not that into rap, but his songs are really important and real. he speaks about rasism, selfharm, and he makes sure to tell people that its wrong.

his new album Everybody is really good musically and lyrically even more and i respect him as a human being so much.

bobby bobby Superthumb Superthumb

Jade Chynoweth

i respect dancers so much-especially this one. she dances like its thing that keeps her alive and i am imperessed with her every move. it really showes her love for it and the passion she has for it.

Superthumb Superthumb

Sabrina Carpenter

she is not only a disney star but a brilliant singer. if you compare her to her start and you see where she is now, you cant be not impressed.

she does gigs for a lot of people and her songs speak to girls in my age and i love her for it.

blonde actress

New Hope Club

these three boys truly won my heart a long time ago. proud to say i was there from the start. their voices are brilliant and their covers always look so personal and its really beautiful to watch.

their friendship is goals and its awesome to see how they are there for each other. their voices involved so much and they were on tour with the vamps multiple times and i am so proud of them by going this far.

Superthumb george smith

twenty one pilots

and to end this article, i choose twenty one pilots. they speak about important issues and they saved a lot of lifes.

it amazes me how far theyve come. there is only two of them but they sound like there is 4 if you know what i mean. tyler is perfect example of an inspirational human being and so is josh.

their connection and trust to their fans is truly princeless and one of the best. tyler, josh, thanks for the clique.

Superthumb grunge twenty one pilots twenty one pilots

so, this is it.
a whole list of people that inspire me the most.

check them out if you dont know them
and if you have anything against them
fight me first