Today I would like to show you a few places in the world where I would travel.


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Hawaii "Official Fish", the Humuhumunukunidae is one of the best known long-lived animals. It's funny to say, "The name is longer than the fish. There are lots of tropical plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers in Hawaii. You can find coconut, bamboo as well as many other tropical fir tree trees. Among many fruits, bananas, pineapple, mangoes are common, as well as hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables. There are many different types of flowers on the islands in a natural environment such as: hibiscus orchids.


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Papua New Guinea is a state of Oceania which includes the eastern part of the second largest island of the world, New Guinea, and countless smaller islands.The highest point in Papua New Guinea is the 4694-foot Mount Wilhelm. There are many active volcanoes still active on the islands.Papua New Guinea is the national animal of the very popular Raggi paradise, the cumulus of local people. Most species of tomato family are native to New Guinea. Widespread animals include many species of spotted couscous, wild boar, casuarian species, snakes, crocodiles, butterflies and varanas.


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The Great Coral Reef The largest coral reef in the world, located in the Coral Sea, not far from Queensland, north-east Australia. It stretches for 2000 km, 34.4 million hectares, and even from the space. It consists of roughly 3,000 coral reefs and about 900 smaller and larger islands, roughly the same distance from the coast.The biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef is almost unbeatable. Preservation is important and invaluable for science, but it is especially for Australia. This coral is guarded by the coast of the continent from the devastating effects of the Pacific. Here, the power of the cyclones breaks, and the land is only reached by the wobbly waves.However, the most colorful and richest animal groups in this area are certainly fish. More than 1,500 species were described here. The orange-black-and-white orange clowns are playfully hiding in the arms of the flowering animals that are deadly to others. The gorgeous parrots are staggered with four forward "teeth" of small coral polipes. In the hidden corners of the cliffs, the lonely and biting murren lives by losing something of edible fish near. The hidden stone fish is hardly noticeable to the human eye on the coral reefs. Touched, however, is life-threatening, because the protruding mandibles of his floe are related to strong gingivitis. The vibrant red bush has remarkably large eyes and is often seen as it cuts down into tiny drill holes. Bonitors of one meter in length are hunted in groups, often close to the surface


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There are over 660 plant species in the Black Sea. Along the shoreline, corals, browns, cystos are alive.From the plankton, the nail polish spreads in large quantities in the autumn and causes the shine of the sea. There are many shellfish, junctions, crustaceans. Many bird species live: pelicans, cormorants, seagulls, etc.