I have seen this article and I have thought to do it so that to be able to give you some information on me!


Let's start

Dream job?

Image by Chiara Image by Chiara Image by Chiara canon, camera, and cool image
Since when I was little the photograpy always fascinated me

Favorite subjects to learn about?

aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image beaker, beautiful, and chemistry image chemistry image chemistry image
I don't know why but chemistry fascinates a lot me

Last song that you listened to?

ultimo, cantante, and nicolò image italian, singer, and ultimo image
Ultimo - Sogni appesi (he is a italian singer)

Do you believe in magic?

harry potter, wand, and hogwarts image gif image Image by Chiara harry potter, muggles, and wallpaper image
Of course!

Favorite book?

Image by Chiara Image by Chiara Image by Chiara book, gryffindor, and harry potter image
I love Harry Potter

Favourite colour?

blue, purple, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, shoes, and adidas image blouse, fashionmia, and fashion image
Blue & White

Favourite food?

food, fries, and burger image delicious, yummy, and junkfood image food, fries, and burger image food, burger, and hamburger image

Thank you for reading!
I will write as soon as I am able

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