hi friends!
How are you? I'm very very tired because these weeks i'm so busy, but finally it's SUNDAYYY and it means... A NEW ARTICLE
my last article:

Today I want to show you my everyday makeup: it's very simple and natural because in the morning I prefer sleep more than wake up earlier to put makeup on, and honestly I don't like very much to do it.

1- foundation

Image by Luisa Image removed

2- concealer

nars, makeup, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image

3- eyebrows

beautiful, beauty, and benefit image girl, eyes, and green image

4- highlighter

makeup, beauty, and highlighter image makeup, highlighter, and beauty image

5- mascara

glitter, eye, and makeup image eyes, blue, and eye image

6- lip-balm

amazing, fashion, and lip balm image lips, aesthetic, and red image

but sometimes i wake up, i put on some concealer to cover the bags under my eyes and i leave home.
see you (and thanks for the 1000<3)
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