Hello Mistakes

What are we excited about? Well, i kind of needed to wait with this article because i wasn't in a mood for excitement, because my boyfriend broke up with me and it was harder for me than i've ever expected. I caught a lot of feelings for him and he was very important to me so it was shock for me.

So even if these days were a little harder for me, i still needed to continue with my daily life. Now i'm in my first year in college, because i want to be a physiotherapist, but we have bigger opportunities to learn something new from different part of health care. Last week we had a practise in a hospital on the ward for people who are sick, ill or injured for a long time. Mostly there are just elderly people. The night before i was nervous, because i didn't know what to expect from this week. When we get there with my class mates they split us into the groups and we went to our wards. When we came there, everyhere was a lot of people and they gave us a tour of everything. We met our patients and there was a something that got me. Happiness! Even if the patients were there for a long time they had hope for better days from doctors. and doctors and nurses were happy even if they have a hard job and they spent most of the day standing, walking, working, helping and doing everything what is possible so that patents can get better. And we, as a future health care workers, want to do the same thing, even if they don't have time for loilet, not even a lunch. This whole experience was worth waking up at 4am, working hard, listening to emotional stories and looking at sick people struggling with their illnesses and injuries, because now I'm excited to be there again, help them smile, fight and find happiness. I've always felt like my purpose in a life is helping others. So that is what i am excited about in a near future.

XOXO Mistakes