because of humans like you, are humans like me, humans like him!


black aesthetic black black
i don't know what my style is... i like grunge, alternative, punk, indie, emo....


aesthetic nice black dark


Dream Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic
i dream a lot.. no matter of daydreams or nightdreams... but i also have my ups and downs...


Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic adorable
i don't have a real favorite animal..


chocolate anorexic Superthumb food
i love vegetables. also i'm vegetarian.. i love chocolate but i'm not pretty sure if i like eating or if i hate it..


alternative Superthumb analog galaxy
_sooo. i love music, no matter if i sing, play piano or just listen to it of some other guy. i love reading.. i also enjoy wandering, because i wanna leave town, and my country and go as far and wide as i can... and i love to watch stars :)...


stranger things black and white Superthumb horror


band Superthumb Superthumb the neighbourhood
bring me the horizon, billie eilish, sleeping at last, the neighbourhood.. this is a colorful style of music, isn't it..?


Effy cassie Superthumb Superthumb
effy and cassie from skins, eli from to the bone and billie eilish..