because of humans like you, are humans like me, humans like him!


vans, shoes, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by BornSpace Image by BornSpace
i don't know what my style is... i like grunge, alternative, punk, indie, emo....


pink, aesthetic, and pastel image quotes, yellow, and nice image b&w image green, tropical, and theme image


Dream, dreamer, and quotes image Image by Loriane Flous Image removed lost, quotes, and aesthetic image
i dream a lot.. no matter of daydreams or nightdreams... but i also have my ups and downs...


animals, aww, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and green image dog, puppy, and cute image
i don't have a real favorite animal..


chocolate, marshmallow, and food image skins, cassie, and eat image anorexic, meta, and skull image sushi, food, and american horror story image
i love vegetables. also i'm vegetarian.. i love chocolate but i'm not pretty sure if i like eating or if i hate it..


girl, music, and vintage image aesthetic, alternative, and bibliophile image Image removed Image removed
_sooo. i love music, no matter if i sing, play piano or just listen to it of some other guy. i love reading.. i also enjoy wandering, because i wanna leave town, and my country and go as far and wide as i can... and i love to watch stars :)...


stranger things image skins, black and white, and cassie image alternative, black, and grunge image black, squelette, and white image


bmth, bring me the horizon, and band image aesthetic, amsterdam, and billie image life, love life, and saturn image the neighbourhood image
bring me the horizon, billie eilish, sleeping at last, the neighbourhood.. this is a colorful style of music, isn't it..?


skins, Effy, and effy stonem image cassie ainsworth, series, and hannah murray image Elle, LUke, and tumblr image billie, pink, and billie eilish image
effy and cassie from skins, eli from to the bone and billie eilish..