Tea or Coffee ?

coffee, vintage, and cup image healthy, milk, and coffea image
tea but I recently start to drink coffee

Black and white or colors?

girl, black and white, and model image fun, summer, and tumblr image

Drawing or painting?

beauty image art, ballet, and painting image
drawing, I love drawing and i’m pretty bad at painting.

Books or Movies?

book, vintage, and coffee image film, life, and quotes image
books, I think that books give an other vision of a history, I mean,with a book you know a lot of facts that you cannot see in a movie.

Hugs or Kisses?

love, couple, and beach image love, couple, and kiss image

Smile or Serious Face?

thalia bree, thalia, and thaliabree image girl, cindy kimberly, and wolfiecindy image
smile, but I usually stay serious when I’m taking a picture.

Bracelet or Necklace?

bracelet, gold, and summer image necklace, jewelry, and gold image
necklace, btw I love chokers.

Cats or Dogs?

cat, animal, and grunge image dog, cute, and animal image
cats, I’m afraid of dogs.

Leather or Denim?

fashion, dress, and style image fashion, Calvin Klein, and style image
leather, denim jacket look weird on me.

Long Hair or Short Hair?

alternative, girl, and long hair image girl, beauty, and makeup image
long but I would love to cut my hair!