hey guys
its me again
so in this article i will talk about my dreams and what i want to do before i die....

- go around the world

travel, map, and adventure image
this is my biggest dream, i want to explore new places and take so many pictures

- be with dylan o'brien

teen wolf image
i love him so frecking much, definitely my idol

- dye my hair in grey or white

hair, white, and blonde image
i tried once, but it did not go well

- jump of a cliff

summer, water, and jump image
i dont know, maybe i just like the aderline

- be part of a movie

cinema and vintage image
I really love movies and to be part of one would be a dream

- compose a song and make a video clip

girl, music, and vintage image
i love music but this is kind of impossible because I'm horrible to write what i feel

- make my on shop of aesthetic/ grunge clothes

fashion, outfit, and clothes image
I think there are still many stores that do not adhere to this style, and not having a store that is our face is horrible, because you like to be different and have your own style but society does not help much because normal is good, It's not normal, it's just annoying.

- kiss halsey

halsey image

- have a relationship with a korean

boy, ulzzang, and asian image
they are so fucking sexy my god, i wanna die

- study in england

harry potter, school, and hogwarts image
this i will do for sure

and that's it guys...hope u liked