Trench Coats

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Whether deconstructed and warped into something quite unusual (see Balenciaga's where the front is a trench while the back splits into a denim overcoat) or adhering to tradition, there was a trench coat on almost every important runway we could think of. To be worn with everything from bikinis to boardroom attire.


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It was Nicholas Ghesquière's futuristic thick-soled trainers for Louis Vuitton that really got the crowds going during the tail end of Paris Fashion Week. However, many geeky sneaks existed in other influential places: Expect to see girls emulating the socks-and-velcro of Prada any day now.

Belt Bags

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There's a real gamut of bag trends for S/S 18, but if one stands head and shoulders (and waist?) above the rest, it is the bum bag, or belt bag, should you want to sound more sophisticated. So many iterations exist, from the sporty pouches you'll see girls wearing crossbody through to luxe leather options courtesy of, who else, Gucci.

Pencil Skirts

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Should the past few years of leggings and track pants have destroyed your feminine fashion soul, rejoice in the pencil-skirt comeback. This time around they are longer-lined and therefore more flattering. They will replace your full-skirted midis for the time-being but are always worth keeping for the future. Net-a-Porter have predicted this silhouette will be a big seller for them in 2018—you heard it here first.

Waist Belts

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It doesn't matter what kind of belt, just know that a waist belt is integral to the season's bigger shapes and volumes. Belt jackets, sling a chain-belt over a slinky dress, fasten a man's shirt… use it, daily, without fail.