I have found this list on twitter years ago and I thought it was very useful, so I wanted to share this with you. I will be making two parts because it's pretty long.

1. Do not spend more than $9 on mascara

I know a lot of good mascaras are very pricey but there are some who are both cheap and good quality.

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2. It won't matter later on that he was on a high school football team

3. If he cheats on you, say goodbye

4. Don't tell tour mum you hate her, tou will regret it

5. Innocence is beautiful

6. Call your grandma just because

7. Some people will never like you, don't let it bother you

8. You were beautiful before he told you

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9. Don't believe stereotypes.

Get to know people personally instead of judging them.

10. Don't let one mistake define you

11. But learn from your mistakes

12. Your mum can see a fake friend before you can

13. Your dad can see a crappy boy before you can

14. You are more beautiful than you will ever know

15. Prom is not the best night of your life but go anyway

16. High school years are not the best years of life

17. However, enjoy high school while it lasts, you will miss some of it.

this is the end of the first part, I hope it wasn't annoying or boring. I think
we should be very thankful to the person who had the idea of sharing with us these things.

love, Yara