She has daisies and sunflowers in her eyes...
And when you're closer to her, you can feel them in the smell of the air and growing inside you too...

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Her smile reminds of roses and her lips are the petals...

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She smells like violets and her hair shines like daffodils.

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Her heart is as pure as a lily while her soul is mystic like the lotus.

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She takes the name of the Jasmine...

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But she is neither fragile like the flowers nor withers like them!

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She only grows and like a symphony you can admire her forever...

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~Hi, beautiful people of WHI! Thank you for reading my poem! I hope you liked it!
~This poem is for every girl out there! Remember you are beautiful! You are a Flower yourself! One wonderful, magical, unforgettable flower! Beautiful inside and out, but more that that, you are e Force of the Nature! Don't forget, how strong you are and that you are capable of miracles!
~One more Thank you for reading this article! Feel free to send me messages or postcards or a feedback for the things I write.I'd love to make friends here and to know what you think!

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~Till the next article. Love ya, bye!

~~~ Everyone of Us is a little Universe! ~~~