I have mental breakdowns, panic attacks, and anxiety. If you're reading this you might have them too, and that is 100% fine. BUT we all need at least one day in the week to just pamper ourselves, charge and reset. Here is my pamper day routine which I do almost every Sunday.
I wake up whenever my body decides to and pour myself a large cup of water and lemon. Then I have breakfast.
Breakfast (it could be anything you desire):
-almond milk
Mash the bananas and mix them with the oats and almond milk.
Then I usually hop on Youtube for an hour. Relax and enjoy your time, today is your day. When I finish, I make my bed and clean my room and do the dishes. I like to start my pamper with everything around me clean.
I put some comfy clean clothes on the bed, put some scented candles in my bedroom, and hop in the shower.
In the shower:
-shave my body using Schick Intuition
-shampoo my hair using Pantene
-conditioning using Lush's Retread
-exfoliate using No. 7 scrub
I come back to my room which is now filled with a beautiful aroma. Then I lather myself with coconut oil, wait for a few minutes then put Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works.
I blow dry my hair and straighten it. Then I put it in a bun and start my face care routine.
-nivea pore strip on my nose and chin
-wash my face with La Roche Pose gel (I use facial exfoliating tool. it's like the clarisonic one but it's only one head and cheap. I got it from forever 21)
-put La Roche Pose cream on it
Then I have my lunch!!! I usually do a salad because I like salads, but sometimes I bake some potatoes. But I came up with a pizza recipe that is so easy to make and still low cal if you are trying to lose weight (or even if you're not trying... it is so good)
-pita bread
-pesto sauce
-mint leaves or basil or both
-feta cheese
Pop it in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes and add some Sriracha sauce if you like spicy things.
Then I get ready to go to Church, and you can get ready to go anywhere you like and to pray in any form you wish. But don't stay home. See the outside world for a bit. Take a fresh breath. (if you like... sometimes I just binge watch Friends :p)
Come back home make a cup of tea if you like or coffee... put on a movie or a series and make some non oil popcorn.
-heat up a non stick pan for about 5 minutes
-put the popcorn in and cover them
-twirl the pan every 30 seconds or so
-when they start popping twirl the pan every 10 seconds
-when they stop popping turn off the heat and wait for about 3 minutes before you open the lid
one cup of that is only 30 kcal and it is SOOOOO good... I promise.
And thats about it! Feel free to make your own pamper routine. Mix and match products and food. Do whatever makes you relax and calm.
Bubye for now!