fashion image black, clothes, and grunge image fashion and tumblr image dresses, fashion, and summer image
I really like to wear tights and black clothes. Big hoodies and summer dresses are my favourite clothes too.


Well... I'm nice and friendly with new people
but then
I'm loud and weird and brave and funny and sarcastic and so supportive AND TRUSTY AND POSITIVE AND LOVING with my friends
I'm so amazing that I don't need photos lol <3
+ I don't care about peoples' opinions


aesthetic, dark, and night image purple, Jonghyun, and SHINee image purple, plants, and aesthetic image dark and black image
Black and purple


exercise, goals, and motivation image exercise, health, and fitness image choir and black and white image netflix, article, and series image colors and white image vegan, clean eating recipes, and regular meals image
yoga | jogging | choir | Netflix | sleeping | eating


Image removed aesthetic, green, and photography image aesthetic, night, and south korea image coffee, drink, and food image tea image color, traditional style, and flowers image alternative, Tattoos, and site model models image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image friends, shadow, and tumblr image beautiful, moments, and picture image
museums | plants | nights | coffee | tea | tattoos | face masks | makeup | friends | photographing


art, Leo, and zodiac image
I'm leo.


funny and quotes image fml, 😿, and romcom image funny, me, and quotes image funny, problem, and solve image quote, beauty, and love image quotes and goals image stress, quotes, and life image quotes, funny, and lol image
My mood 24/7


dog, cute, and animal image turtle, animal, and green image cat, flowers, and aesthetic image cocker spaniel, dog, and friend image


Image removed brooklyn nine nine, jake peralta, and brooklyn 99 image Brooklyn, funny, and meme image brooklyn nine-nine image
Brooklyn 99
Image removed supernatural, dean winchester, and sam winchester image Image by Hekate supernatural, dean, and castiel image
oitnb, orange is the new black, and alex image kiss, orange is the new black, and love image orange is the new black and oitnb image orange is the new black, oitnb, and alex vause image
Orange Is The New Black
cancion, jess, and schmidt image zooey deschanel, max greenfield, and lamorne morris image new girl image batman, jake johnson, and zooey deschanel image
New Girl
rick and morty, cartoon, and rick image rick and morty and wallpaper image rick, morty, and rick and morty image Mature image
Rick and Morty
Image removed american horror story, ahs, and ahs freakshow image american horror story, ahs, and coven image ahs, freak show, and american horror story image
American Horror Story


adam lambert, cool, and red image monsta x image SHINee, Jonghyun, and Minho image black, black and white, and heart image
Adam Lambert | MONSTA X | SHINee | K-POP


food, healthy, and fitness image chocolate, delicious, and vegan image food, healthy, and fitness image pizza and food image
I'm vegan.


study, motivation, and studying image sayings and quotes image
The graduation
lesbian, girl, and couple image pink, art, and lesbian image
The perfect relationship - I'm single as fuck
aesthetic, architecture, and art image Image by lilu