Hello everyone! let's get started with the THIS IS ME challenge:

  • Dream job?
travel, map, and coffee image Image by Intricate Syndacate art, eye, and painting image art, pastel, and aesthetic image
First, photography. I really like taking pictures of everything. Second, painting. I always liked to draw.
  • Who would you see in concert if you could?
arctic monkeys, music, and grunge image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and grunge image
of course Arctic Monkeys!
  • Favorite subjects to learn about?
wallpaper, math, and background image gif image
i love math
  • Last song that you listened to?
aesthetic, black, and coldplay image alternative, black, and coldplay image coldplay, concert, and paradise image coldplay, concert, and colors image
Coldplay-Yellow. I love Coldplay.
  • Celebrity crushes?
alex turner and arctic monkeys image arctic monkeys, grunge, and alex turner image alex turner, arctic monkeys, and music image alex turner and arctic monkeys image

I love Alex

  • Do you believe in magic?
harry potter, muggles, and no muggles image pink, magic, and smoke image
yeah! i believe in magic
  • Favorite book?
Image by Chiara Image by Chiara Image by Chiara Image by Chiara
I am potterhead. I love Harry Potter!!
  • favourite colour?
purple, stars, and aesthetic image stars, light, and window image black, balloons, and white image green, aesthetic, and lightning image yellow, orange, and subway image blue, theme, and aesthetic image
purple,green,pink,black,yellow... I love all colour
  • favourite food?
food, burger, and fries image Image removed
  • favourite singers?
kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image the neighbourhood, band, and the nbhd image arctic monkeys, purple, and grunge image twenty one pilots, josh dun, and top image
I love Arctic Monkeys, I love Coldplay, I love twenty one pilots, I love Ed Sheeran, I love Shawn Mendes, I love Lana del rey, I love Melanie Martinez, I love NIrvana, I love the neighbourhood, I love Justin Bieber, I love Imagine Dragon...

Thanks for reading!