Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)

Frida Kahlo is a mexican woman. At the age of 6, she will have an accident that will change her life. After a long time at hospital, she decides to learn how to paint by herself. She drew a lot of self-portraits, most of the time with a lot of different colours. Here is an example of her pieces of art.

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French name: "Autoportrait au collier d'épines et colibri"

During her life, this woman fight herself for the woman rights, whereas the society she lives in is very macho.

Married to a very famous muralist, Diego Rivera, she will have a very complicated relation with him because of her bissexuality and the love deceptions.

frida kahlo, art, and Frida image
Me and my Parrots

In 1930, they both go in San Fransisco and she will miscarry.
In her paintings, she express her disgusts from American people.

She will have a very penible end of life because of the health and love problems, but she always fights for what she defends.

frida kahlo, art, and Frida image art, frida kahlo, and Frida image art, frida kahlo, and Frida image
Second painting: The broken column

I only wanted to finish this first article with a quotation of Frida, but that will be a translation from spanish, to french, to english, so I hope that will be exact ^^

"I was taken for a surrealist. It is not fair. I have never painted dreams. What I represented was my reality."

I admire this female artist, because her art was a little bit hidden by her husband because he as very famous. Her accident made her life harder, and she continued to paint with a lot of sensibility, and colors.

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