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Hi everyone, I'm French and I live next to Paris. I'm here to show you how most Parisians dress everyday.


dress, style, and fashion image fashion, black, and style image fashion, black, and clothes image fashion, scarf, and black image
You can see us with a little dress, a turtleneck, a leather jacket and a big scarf. We wear a lot of black and grey tbh.
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and white image Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image
We love trench coat (grey or camel), blouse and of course a mom jeans with a big belt.


shoes, fashion, and boots image aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image lenamaria.s image black, fashion, and style image
We love this type of boots, fake glasses, simple jewerly and recently a good leather backpack
perfume, nails, and dior image Image by sαяα🥀 adidas, superstar, and shoes image fashion, bag, and celine image
A nice and discret perfume is essential, a good watch too. We wear, of course, a lot of Stan Smith and love little handbags.


Image removed makeup, eyeshadow, and brown image hand, nailpolish, and nails image beautiful girl, model, and natural image
Natural and fresh makeup is a key for a parisian look. We love nude colors.


girl, hair, and beauty image fashion and girl image girl, city, and hair image curls, hair, and yellow image
We love natural hair, a cute bang and ponytail is always a good choice.
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