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Hi everyone, I'm French and I live next to Paris. I'm here to show you how most Parisians dress everyday.


dress aesthetic black black
You can see us with a little dress, a turtleneck, a leather jacket and a big scarf. We wear a lot of black and grey tbh.
beauty beauty coat 90s
We love trench coat (grey or camel), blouse and of course a mom jeans with a big belt.


black Superthumb Superthumb backpack
We love this type of boots, fake glasses, simple jewerly and recently a good leather backpack
beauty accessories adidas bag
A nice and discret perfume is essential, a good watch too. We wear, of course, a lot of Stan Smith and love little handbags.


beauty beauty nails beauty
Natural and fresh makeup is a key for a parisian look. We love nude colors.


beauty girl blonde Superthumb
We love natural hair, a cute bang and ponytail is always a good choice.
The End
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