The 4th day of;

A poem about me (self-made)

A sickness planted itself inside of me without any permission. The poisoned branches filled my mind, overpowering the last flowers of happiness. I was the toxicant tree who helplessly needed her leaves to rescue her. Instead I was torn apart leaf by leaf because of my venomous strain that lingered through my brain.

A rainstorm fell on fragile petals of my sanity, intensifying my distress. All I wanted was the antidote to my redemption. All I wanted was to blossom up into a beautiful red Rose. I wanted to grow into a big forest full of colour and light. The lethal vines that I had to kill were the only struggle to my unending fight. The toxic manner of thinking was my comfort and my disease.

I yearn to end my willingness to give in to this poisonous life. My indecisiveness could be my doom. Could I ever know what I could possibly do?

girl, beauty, and rose image rose, red, and drawing image

Lots of Love,