I know that no one cares, but I'm doing it anyway.

● Dream job?

art, pictures, and cameras image art, eye, and painting image cactus, vintage, and green image vintage, old, and theatre image
I don't know for sure, but I have some few things that I'd love to work with. First, photography. I'm not really good at this but I really like taking pictures of everything and I think it's something really interesting to work with. Second, painting. I always liked to draw, so... Yeah. Third, writting. I love writting fanfics and original stories and some of my friends say that I have some tallent. And fourth, acting. I just love acting. Theater is something that always get to me and I just love this so much it hurts.

● Have you always lived where you do now?

beach, free, and photography image beach, sand, and ocean image beach, summer, and surf image clouds and rio de janeiro image
No. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for 6 years. I was born in Curitiba, Paraná, and I will move back there in the end of the year.

● Do you enjoy museums?

museums, painting, and artgallery image aesthetic, art, and blue image Image by Ray_McClain louvre, museum, and travel image
Yes. I think it's a really interesting esperience and it's a very peacefull place to be. Just yes.

● Favorite words?

aesthetic, agenda, and art image agenda, art, and brown image agenda, art, and calligraphy image alternative, background, and coffee image
Naive, Neon, Honest, Peace, Ice, Moon and Sky

● Who would you see in concert if you could?

bts, jhope, and kpop image aesthetic, bts, and yoongi image aesthetic, bts, and yoongi image bts, jungkook, and taehyung image

● Favorite subjects to learn about?

architecture, Greece, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dress, and royalty image chill, grunge, and statue image architecture and building image

● Dream house?

room, blue, and desk image plants, room, and house image bedroom, home, and interior image ambiance, architecture, and bois image
A small but well decored house, full of plants and pastel colors.

● What is your astrological sign?

clock, prague, and art image girl, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, art, and astrology image constellation, drawing, and capricorn image

● Do you think you will ever get married?

hands, love, and couple image aesthetic, chinese, and cute couple image aesthetic, wedding, and marriage image aesthetic, marriage, and wedding image
Since I was a child, I didn't really wanted to get marriage. I just don't fell confortable with this.

● Do you know how to read tarot cards?

aesthetic, art, and black image aesthetic, stuff, and tarot card image cards, witch, and adam parrish image Image removed
No, but I wanted to.

● Last song that you listened to?

boy, water, and grunge image Image by GreatName boy, smoke, and grunge image smoke, boy, and grunge image
Sad Boy - Laila

● Are your nails painted right now? if so, what color?

accessories rings image nails, black, and arctic monkeys image nails, witch, and black image Image by ✿ ℳ ℰ Ꮆ ✿
No, actually

● Do you think you will ever have kids?

girl, friends, and grunge image disney, mickey mouse, and mickey image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, childhood, and slingshot image
Totally. I always wanted kids. But, since I was a child, I never wanted to get pregnant. So I just want to adopt a few kids and be the best parent ever because I know these kids need so much love.

● Celebrity crushes?

jeffrey dean morgan and negan image jeffrey dean morgan image gif and jeffrey dean morgan image jeffrey dean morgan and negan image
Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I mean, look at this man. Good shit.

● Do you ever send letters?

harry potter, aesthetic, and Letter image harry potter, hogwarts, and Letter image Letter, red, and white image harry potter and hogwarts image
No. By the way, I still waiting for my letter, ok, Hogwarts?

● Favorite skincare product?

face mask, girl, and beauty image aesthetic, bath, and candles image green, lush, and plants image girl and tumblr image
Selfcare??? Lol da fuk is dat

● Do you like to wear jewelry?

nails, black, and ring image fashion, girl, and grunge image girl, fashion, and style image bone, choker, and collarbone image
Kinda. I'm always with a black ring but sometimes I wear a choker

● Favorite flower?

flower, yellow, and aconites image flower, spring, and yellow image close up, flowers, and yellow flowers image flowers, yellow, and aconites image

● Do you like glitter?

Image removed pink image Image removed pink, cigarette, and aesthetic image
Of fucking course

● Do you believe in magic?

aesthetic, magic, and alternative image pink, magic, and smoke image crystal and magic image magic, pins, and purple image
Kinda. I believe that if you believe that something can happend, if you really believe, it will happend, and I see that as some kind of magic for some reason.

● Favorite book?

book, flowers, and aesthetic image harry potter, ravenclaw, and book image the girl at midnight, melissa grey, and the shadow hour image Image by Chiara
Harry Potter (the hole serie) and The Girl At Midnight (Also the hole serie)

● What color describes your personality?

Image removed blue and smoke image Image removed blue, iphone, and waves image

Thanks for reading!

- Ray