This summer I want to do things I haven't before. So here is a list of things I want to do this summer and some things you might want to add to your bucket list.
(side note: I might add more before summer gets here)

1. take lots of pictures
2. hang out with friends more
3. try new workouts
4. go on adventures/trips with friends
5. meet 2+ new friends

take lots of pictures:

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I don't take pictures very often. so I'm pushing myself to take more. my goal is to take 300 good photos. that may sound like too much but I think I can do it. I'm trying to post 4 photos a month on Instagram as well (not just for summer)

hang out with friends more:

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The end of last year and the beginning of this year I got rid of friends that were fake towards me. So I want to hang out with the ones that have stuck by. Not only is it for summer but all year round. In summer we will all have time to hang out more.

try new workouts:

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2018 I'm trying to focus on working out more. I've kept all my workouts in a journal to see how much work I did during the year. But during summer I want to try a workout that I've never done before. I'm signing up for a boxing class during summer so 1 new workout is already checked off my list. During the year I'm going to update you guys on workouts I like so stay tuned.

go on adventures/trips with friends:

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so last summer my friends and I did a few trips and it was very fun. I want to go on more this summer tho. I'm not sure if this will work out but we've been planning some stuff.

meet 2 new friends:

I'm about to get into counseling (I'm totally okay I just want someone to talk to sometimes other than friends and family) and I'm going to ask about some ways to be more social and find friends. so my goal is to find at least 2 as the minimum. it would be great to find more than 2 but I don't think that will happen.

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thank you to anyone who put their time into reading this. more articles are coming stay tuned.