Hey people! I decided to make a list of reasons why I love Ally, from fifth harmony. So, let's start!

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  • She has an amazing voice
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I know all the girls from 5h do, but Ally's voice is special for many reasons, she can hit high notes so easily, she sings with so much passion, and she gives everything while singing!
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  • She is funny af
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She can make you smile even without trying :)
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  • She cares about her fans
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She is also too close to the Harmonizers.
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  • She has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world.
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Most part of the time she is smiling, and it's so cute
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  • She is super cute
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She is a ray of sunshine
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  • She cares about everyone
Superthumb 5h
  • She is the reason why 5h didn´t disband
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Most of the harmonizers know who contacted Dina La Polt (5h's lawyer)...
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Dina is the one who helped the girls to own their brand.
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She is such an underrated queen, and it's sad because she is so talented.

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She deserves better, definitely.
(I´m sorry for the grammar mistakes, english is not my native languaje)

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