When you look at something, does it make you feel some type of way? An unexplainable feeling that you must do something about it because it either looks weird, is in an awkward position, or just completely out of place?

Let's see if any of the following sound familiar:

  • separating the clothes in your closet or dressers by shades, seasons, or style
  • organizing food products in the fridge/cabinets and providing space
  • placing plates, bowls, and cups in order by size, color, or material
  • flattening your bedspread every morning you wake up so there's no wrinkles
  • placing bottles where the label faces you so it's visible and readable
  • making sure you write neatly on the first page of a new notebook and it stays that way
  • not ripping the page when tearing it out of a notebook
  • untangling tangled wires or earphones
  • wiping away any surface that appears to have dusts or marks
  • matching accessories to your outfit
  • applying mascara in a way it doesn't clump
  • wanting to repaint your nails when there's a little polish that chipped off
  • following a theme or maintaining a color scheme
  • lining your socks by color, material, or season
  • organizing books on shelves by genre, color, or favorites
  • washing your hands every time you touch something sticky, dirty, or smelly
  • placing the toilet paper roll so that it rolls upward rather than downward

It started getting more specific as I was writing but I'll stop here. Now there are bound to be more that can be added to this list but these are just a couple. If you agreed with most of these, then you're probably a perfectionist.

Thanks for reading! ♥

- Y E N
♡ Y E N
♡ Y E N