Sorry the challenge kinda stopped for a few days. I'll try to keep continuing with it.

I'm gonna rant about assholes.

okay, so there is this one guy and he's my ex best friend I'll call him x.

X texted me started arguing about how I complain about little things to get attention and how he got almost killed around 5 times. We all have the same devils, just different levels and issues. It only matters who cares the most about you. No I wasn't doing it for attention, and no my problems aren't the greatest and if I wanna talk about my problems to my friends I can. Then he tells me to watch myself, huh what are you gonna get on me? Your tiny little friends on me? Naw man I'm not scared of you or your friends but yeah they can deal with the police for harassment... so go fuck yourself.

Sorry for swearing so much aha, hope you enjoyed my ranting sesh.

have a great night loves.