It all starts with you.
I see you around and thats when my heart starts doing this crazy dance and I cant make it stop.
I have never felt this way before. About anyone, but then you came along and I feel like I need to be around you but I don't understand why. WHY!!!

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You confuse me to no end.
But every time you speak all I want to do is keep hearing your amazing voice.
And every time I see your lips I just want to kiss them like there's no tomorrow.
Things that people usually do that annoys me bothers me, but when you do those things they automatically become the most adorable things ever.

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What are you doing to me?
I hate the way I feel about you especially because you don't like me back.
You only see me as a friend.
Just a damn friend.
But ill see you around.
With my heart doing this crazy dance inside my chest.
and you oblivious till the end.

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