No matter what, I'm just me

Okay I actually saw this challenge couple of days ago, and I really wanted to join. I'm a sucker of writing challenges. So here's the article if ya are interested:



I almost did something like this on my first article. So I'm repeating some of these. My name is Aria, but I goes as Mochi here. I'm still 16 years old and I'm still half-deaf. I love fashion and decor design. Also, I'm a huge nerd of anime and games.
I'm super shy and hella awkward. Talking is not my forte. But I love talking to others who have the same interest of me. Getting to me, I could be weird and the type of person who is on her phone 24/7



beauty asian blonde clothes

Fave Colours

aesthetic black apple aesthetic
I love purple and greys, but pink is also my on-and-off favorite

Fave Anime (currenty)

Superthumb Superthumb gatchaman crowds anime
Darling in the Franxx, Violet Evergarden, Gatchaman Crowds, Tamako Market


black belt accessories bag

Fave Music

Superthumb jin Superthumb Superthumb
Finding Hope, The Chainsmokers, BTS, Illenium, EDEN. There are more, but this the touch of how it reflects what my music taste is


art Superthumb city Superthumb apple diary


Well that's it for today! I'll try to continue this every few days. Thank you for reading and probably you know me better. Message me anytime, especially Violet Evergarden. It is my favorite rant right now

- Mochi