• Age
casssie image skin, cassie, and cool image
I am fourteen
  • Best movie
movies, The Breakfast Club, and 80s image Clueless, 90s, and movie image
The Breakfast Club and Clueless
  • Color of my eyes
girl, candle, and light image eye, eyes, and brown image
  • Drink I have last
beer, ex, and heart image alcohol, beer, and party image
beer lol
  • Everyday starts with
funny, quotes, and gif image ABC, actress, and show image
my mom yelling at me
  • Favorite song
born this way, gay, and lgbt image dianna agron, glee, and quinn fabray image
Lady Gaga-Born This Way (Glee Version)
  • Game I played last
phrases and thruth image dare, lol, and thruth image
Truth or dare
  • Heigh
girl, yellow, and grunge image girl, hair, and beauty image
1,45 m
  • I´m in a relationship with
Image by Alex orange image
myself :3
  • Jealous
megan fox and jennifer's body image awkward, funny, and quotes image
of pretty and social people
  • Killed someone
aesthetic, murder, and grunge image american horror story, ahs, and tate image
not yet desgraciados
  • Last time I cried
Image by Alex Image by Alex
a few hours ago when I told my childhood best friend that I am gay
  • Middle name
gif, skam, and noora image skin, friends, and Effy image
  • Number of brothers/sisters
Image by . friends, book, and friendship image
just one, I love her but she kinda of hates me
  • One wish
amor and frases image love, like, and yes image
be loved
  • Person you last called/texted
boy, daddy, and gay image funny, lol, and dad image
my dad
  • Question you are ever asking
riverdale, madelaine petsch, and girl image meme, reaction, and la divaza image
¨¿Que carajo?¨
  • Reasons to smile
quotes, sad, and sleep image burger and food image
I am not sick anymore and food, just food
  • Song you last sang
high school musical, zac efron, and troy bolton image beyoncé, supernatural, and dance image
Beyonce-Single Ladies
  • Time I woke up
funny, school, and morning image red, quotes, and soul image
5:00 am
  • Underwear color
supreme, red, and outfit image Mature image
red (dah)
  • Vacation places
london, colors, and colorful image argentina, buenos aires, and city image
no place like home
  • Worst habit
truth, quotes, and speak image manga, anime, and monochrome image
shake without fuckin reason
  • X-Rays you had
purple image butterflies, stomach, and love image
never had one
  • Your favorite food
Image by pasionetrucco11 food, chocolate, and churros image
chocolate and churros
  • Zodiac sign
Sagittarius, wallpaper, and lockscreen image element and fire image

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