Hey guys, I saw a lot of people doing this and because I'm bored I decided to do it.

Coffee or Tea? Tea

coffee, table, and details image tea image

Black or White or Color? Black or White

black and white, camp, and photography image amarillo, colorido, and yellow image

Drawing or Painting? Drawing

art, drawing, and inspiration image paint, art, and colors image

Dresses or Skirts? Skirts

dress, luxury, and body image style, beauty, and clothes image

Books or Movies? Movies

book, reading, and Sunday image movies, 10 things i hate about you, and heath ledger image

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

jeans, nike, and Pepsi image vintage, coca-cola, and coke image

Chinese or Italian? Chinese

food, chinese, and yum image food, pizza, and italian image

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl

girl, aesthetic, and kitchen image adventure, city, and lights image

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Image by Mariana Nicolle Blondet Cornejo food, ice cream, and yummy image

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

hat and introvert image introvert, extrovert, and tumblr image

Hugs or Kisses? Hugs

love, couple, and goals image Image by Eugenia

Winter or Summer? Summer

Image by Laus Cristian summer, beach, and bikini image

Spring or Fall? Spring

Image by ♕ A M O U R L I G N E ♕ Image by }{}{{}~|

Rural or Urban? Rural

country, countryside, and far away image aesthetic, city lights, and photography inspiration image

PC or Mac? Mac

flowers, pink, and computer image apple, white, and macbook image

Tan or Pale? Tan

girl, body, and summer image girl, body, and pale image

Cake or Pie? Cake

Image by ♔Coco♔ holidays, pie, and yum image

Ice Cream or Yogurt? Ice Cream

Image by Sony Domm food and yogurt image

Comedy or Mystery? Comedy

funny, will smith, and lol image red, aesthetic, and light image

Boots or Sandals? Sandals

shoes, fashion, and style image Image by Ana Paula Santos

Silver or Gold? Both but I prefer Silver

beauty, nails, and jewelry image cross, earrings, and jewellery image

Board Games or Video Games? Both

board game, monopoly, and rosy image Image by sandaert

Body Weight Exercises or Lifting Weights? Lifting Weights

abs, 2, and 7 image fitness, loss, and healthy image

Facial Hair or Clean Shaven? Facial Hair

eyes image Armani, wearing, and blue image

Smile or Game Face? Smile

backstage, black dress, and smile image rihanna and riri image

Bracelet or Necklace? Both

fashion, bracelet, and jewelry image fashion, gold, and jewelry image

Fruit or Vegetables? Fruit

Image removed green, food, and fruit image

Scrambled Eggs or Fried? Fried

breakfast, easter, and egg image food, healthy, and breakfast image

Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate? Dark Chocolate

chocolate, food, and yummy image Image by Katrina S. Asuncion

Tattoos or Piercings? Both

tattoo, flowers, and rose image piercing, girl, and accessories image

Dress Up or Dress Down? Dress Down

adidas, beauty, and chic image beautiful, comfy, and grey image

Cats or Dogs? Both

Temporarily removed animal, dog, and cute image

Fair or Theme Park? Fair

carnival image Roller Coaster, vintage, and fun image

Orange Juice or Lemon Juice? Orange Juice

summer, food, and fruit image juice, lemon, and lemonade image

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

atardecer, heaven, and landscape image atardecer, sol, and sunset image

Pen or Pencil? Pen

Dream, colors, and colours image pencil image

Laptop or Desktop? Laptop

Image by crystalrainbow flowers, interior, and article image

Curly Hair or Straight Hair? Straight Hair

girl, hair, and smile image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image

Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Oreos

oreo, wallpaper, and food image Cookies, chocolate, and biscuits image

Leather or Denim? Denim

fashion, black, and outfit image fashion, jeans, and denim image

Stripes or Solids? Solids

fashion, style, and white image Image by isabellaalessia

Picnic or Nice Restaurant? Nice Restaurant

beach, food, and picnic image city and travel image

Long Hair or Short Hair? Long Hair

Image by Q u e e n Inspiring Image on We Heart It