Hi lovelies, I’m Olivia. About this time last year I started to begin a healthier and more balanced lifestyle to improve my overall health. I want to share and help you guys as well. So this is the first of a series of articles on maintaining and beginning a healthy lifestyle.

Drink Water

The benefits of drinking water include better skin, better metabolism, improves organ and internal functions, and for those of us living at high altitudes it helps prevent altitude sickness and dehydration.

Drink 64-96 ounces of water a day (3 full sized Nalgene water bottles). Getting water from herbal or regular tea, black coffee, milk, and other non-sugary beverages also goes towards your daily water intake.

If you have trouble remembering to drink water when out, at work, at school etc. try using a water tracking app. Water trackers like Plant Nanny and Water Daily are great tools to help track and remind you of your water intake. Another key is to carry around a water bottle. Water bottles can be big or small, trendy or plain, insulated or not. There’s always a water bottle out there to fit your style, personality, or lifestyle.

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Hydration is key and to mix it up add different fruits and herbs to your water to give different vitamins, minerals, and flavors.


The whole sixty minutes of exercise or activity a day isn’t a suggestion. Preventing weight gain, health complications, mental illness, and more exercise is a life saver. Promoting the natural occurring dopamine through healthy means as well as improved health, better external health, a healthy outlet, higher brain function, more positive moods, and so much more.

If you’re not into the hardcore lift everyday gym life that’s fine, and if you are then you keep slaying! But find workouts and exercises that work for your time, schedule, and most importantly that you enjoy. Yoga, cycling, running, HIIT, endurance, strength, swimming, dance, team sports, and other activities to get you moving around.

Great apps for this include Nike Training and Run Club where you can select the workout type, level, muscle group, time, and equipment; and while running you choose duration, distance, speed, or basic. To keep up with your period the Clue app tracks flow, exercise, sex, skin, mood, collection method and gathers that information to best guess your next period start date, PMS, ovulation period, and fertile window. It’s a great app and you can also sync it with your friends to see what part of their cycle they’re on.

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Find workouts that you enjoy doing and get a friend to do it with you. Working out together is more fun than doing it alone.

Eat Your Heart Out

Remember moderation is the key. Allow yourself to eat what you want but in moderation, use portion control, measuring cups, and try to prepare meals so you lessen your chance of eating out. Pack foods you can eat on the go, at work, and at school. This let’s you decide what you want and know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Balancing meals with fruits and veggies, protein, grains, and minimal carbohydrates as well as moderating your intake of sugar, simple carbs, high sugar beverages, fast food, and processed foods.

Lots of people also recommend MyFitnessPal for tracking calories, and it is an amazing app for that allowing you to add new foods, pictures of foods, and search for whatever you’re using. But I don’t believe in calorie counting, I believe in moderation and low carb/sugar, and high protein and fruit/vegetables. Don’t completely throw everything out but try smaller portions and portion control methods to moderate your diet.

To try out new things and enjoy delicious foods that fit your diet Yummly is the way to go, packed with recipes from breakfast to smoothies to waffles to dinner to snacks to meal preps. An amazing app to explore new and healthier recipes while still getting the flavors and foods you want it lets you choose allergies, dietary restrictions, disliked foods, and types of cuisine you most enjoy.

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Enjoy the amazing foods the world has to offer, just be aware of how much and what you put into your body.