"Music can change the world, because it can change people"

Others believe in God, I believed in music.
What a masterpiece is the art of music! Oh Lord, it was the most precious thing in my arms. With a simple touch, I could hear whatever my eagerly ears wanted. I could offer all these little delicate goods to my immense fantasies, which through music became infinite. Because I too became infinite. The world I visited was paraded and for these few minutes I have to thank the spectacular minds, that accompany the people in the most creative corners of their temperament.
From the bottom of my heart, chears to these five miraculous bands.

1. Catfish And The Bottleman.
From the Llandudno, these four British guys are "breaking bad" the rock stage, since 2007. With mostly alternative and indie sounds they remind us the greatness of simplicity.

catb, catfish and the bottlemen, and van mccann image catb, catfish and the bottlemen, and van mccann image
From left to right: Benji Blakeway, Van McCan, Robert Hall, Johnny Bond

2. Nothing But Thieves
Another British band that can show you how it's done! From Southend-on-Sea,these five musicians are pure alternative artists. Since 2012, they have a very unique way of expressing alternative rock gernes, and with Conors voice it's the most beautiful journey of an alternative lover.

aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image nbt and nothing but thieves image
From left to right: Conor Mason, Dominic Craik, Joe Langridge-Brown, James Price, Philip Blake

3. Imagine Dragons
The only reason you have to love Las Vegas. "It's Time" for your "Radioactive" "Demons" .Cause these three top singles are the reason we discovered them. Four incredibly, talented, Americans are giving us free pleasure, since 2008. They are the real deal!

imagine dragons image imagine dragons, dan reynolds, and band image
From left to right: Wayne Sermon, Daniel Platzman, Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee h

4. Panic! At the Disco
Baby, It's getting better. Because Las Vegas is getting better. Nevada is giving the best of the best. So, here we have the one and only Brendon Urie. With the most wonderful alternative and a little bit funk sounds, this brilliant mind is here since 2004.

brendon urie, P!ATD, and panic! at the disco image brendon urie, music, and panic! at the disco image

5. The 1975
If you know what these numbers mean, mate, you know madness. Manchester is blessing us with these four weirdos, since 2002. Psychedelic, beautiful, sad sounds, heavyly deep voices and curly hair. They have the whole package.

Image by sofìe the 1975 and indie image
From left to right: George Daniel, Adam Hann, Matty Healy, Ross Macdonald