Hi loves!
I'm going to share some skincare tips, I'm going to try and incorporate tips that are different and something you might haven't been told over and over. But also ones that are very important.
  • Water
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VERY important! I know water can be a little boring sometimes, but you can infuse your waters, with fruit. Also with infused waters your detoxing!
  • Sleep
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Everyone loves sleep, but its very important to get the right amount but you for sure can not oversleep. Make sure you sleeping area is comfortable for you.
  • bedding/sleep
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Kinda ties in to the tip above, obviously like I said sleeping area should be comfortable. A Great tip is to change your pillow case! At least every 2-3weeks. (A must!!)
  • Routine/hygiene
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Have a routine, a daily wash, moisturizer, and exfoliators; essential oils, and masks. I personally recommend 100% natural/organic products, but it also depends on skin type. Don't be afraid to test new products as well!
  • Clean eating
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ok not everyone enjoys fruits and veggies, and its ok to have pizza "often". but in order to want to eat healthy, you have to start by reducing things that are hard to stop eating. there are healthy substitutes for almost every food.
  • Be happy/calm
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Happiness isn't always an easy thing to achieve. but unless you really want it, claim it as your own. don't stress. surround yourself with positivity, do something that is therapeutic.
Overall take care of yourself, if you want the 'skin goal' you're looking for !
I really hope this wasn't too long, gonna try new article formatting. hope you enjoyed these skincare tips.