Hi my dudes! Your local Hobbit from NZ is back at it again with the 'get to know me' style challenges. I don't know about you, but I really like doing these. It feels like I'm getting to know myself better while sharing my soul with the world. Anyway lets get started with the THIS IS ME challenge:


fashion, black, and style image boots and Or image cool, fashion, and goals image fashion, black, and outfit image
I love to rough up preppy look with leather and cool shoes


amizade, fuck, and tumblr image blue, bathing suit, and cool image blue, candles, and fire image rose, flowers, and red image
I love blues, reds and a bit of green


book, books, and bookstore image book, italy, and shakespeare image adventure, alternative, and balcony image art, book, and books image
I love to read, write, explore and find hidden places and act ( particularly in Shakespeare )


girl, fashion, and style image quotes and motivation image couple, girl, and goals image money, boy, and quotes image
( I had to ask around about this, its hard describing ur own personality ) I am quite flirty, ambitious and friendly but also quite independent due to my shitty childhood. I do feel attracted to people ( I'm bisexual btw ) but romance is not something I value or look for.


melanie laurent, inglourious basterds, and movie image beautiful, moulin rouge, and Nicole Kidman image corpse bride, tim burton, and movie image star trek image
I love Inglorious Basterds, Moulin Rouge, Corpse Bride and TOS Star Trek ( I am also a big Star Wars fan )


50s, disney, and 20000 leagues under the sea image book, coffee, and vintage image Image removed tintin image
My favourite books/series are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Alice in wonderland, Agatha Christie novels and TinTin.


actor, bingo, and cinema image alien, funny, and meme image nemo, tumblr, and write image actor, uncle, and film image
Characters I find interesting are Hans Landa, Leonard Mccoy, Captain Nemo and Gaby Teller


bowie, ًًًًًًًًًًًًً, and 👩 image Temporarily removed Image removed eartha kitt image
At the moment I listen to a lot of David Bowie, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga and Eartha Kitt

Alrighty I think that's enough, cheers lads!
-Emma xx