hi, it's currently 3.18 am.
I hope your doing fine.
No matter where you are
No matter what time is it
No matter if you read this at school, in bed, at the hospital, in the bathroom, at the couch, at the bus or in the car.

I hope no matter what you are going trough that you think that you can do this.
Because I know you will. You are strong, you can do it!
Please don't give up, no matter how though it might seem.
You will get trough it.

Are you stressed about school?
Don't stress too much, your health comes first.

I hope you are happy.
You deserve it, you deserve to be happy.

I hope that you love yourself
because I do.
Even though I don't know you.

And if you ever need someone to talk to, a stranger, someone you can share anything with

I'm here.