So hello guys, I'll like to share some tips I use to write essays in order to make them the best!

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  • Make a clean header using your name, school and date (if you wish to)
  • When looking for information, use only the important stuff, don't add things not related with the topic
  • Structure your essay with introduction, body and conclusion, putting them on different paragraphs

· Paragraphs no longer than 5 to 7 lines
· On the introduction give a brief idea of what you're going to talk about (main ideas!)
· On the body develop your main ideas in the most complete way, saying exactly what you're supposed to say. Not more, not
· On the conclusion repeat the important things, main ideas!

  • Always start with a fact, story, statistic, etc and end your essay with a quote
  • Talk in 3rd person unless the instruction says the opposite
  • be careful with your grammar mistakes, look for the words you don't know how to write before writing them

That's all I have for you guys! Hope this helped you!! XOXO

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