Indie folk is a music genre that arose in the 1990s among musicians from indie rock scenes influenced by folk music. Indie folk hybridizes the acoustic guitar melodies of traditional folk music with contemporary instrumentation.

This makes Indie Folk a type of music I really love. It is so relaxing to listen to Indie Folk and the texts are very deep.

I am going to present some Indie Folk songs I found on Spotify.
Here we go

1. Harry Pane – The Wild Winds

(This song was released in 2017 and I love it so much. The singer is singing about a girl far away. She ran away. Now she is free and Harry is happy about this, because she is fine and surounded by the wild winds)

2. Postcards From Mars - Into the unknown

(This song is about life and the uncertainty about what is coming next. "Every step is a step on your own
Every crack is a chill to the bone
When you sink you'll be sinking alone into the unknown")

3. Alae - All gived up

(Alae sings about how hopeless he feels. He says that he gaved up on everything; life, love, himself. You feel how much he suffered and this song is very emotional. In the end there is a twist. He concludes that he will at least try to be better. So he gives up on crying because he know that the only thing he can do is trying.)

4. Unknown Neighbour - You and Me

("You and me" is a love song for an imaginary lover. The singer says that he is waiting for one girl and he is certain that the girl of his dreams will come true. Simply cute)

5. Tay Oskee - That place

(Tay Oskee sings about a relationship of two persons that are having one special place and how wonderful it is to spend time there. I like this song because the song is a very calm one with good vibes)

6. Klondike - Brother of my heart

(If you are having a best friend everything is going to be okay. That is the message of this song. It is about brotherhood and real friendships. I think about my best friend @kathy2161 every time i am listening to this song and I realize how much she mean to me.)

7. Land of trees - Get rid of your ghosts

(This song is about having certain problems you do not face. It expresses how important it is to face your problems. You need to deal with your problems or they will be there forever.)

8. Frances Luke Accord - Nowhere to be found

(This one is about the willingnes to run away. If you want to run away, but that is not possible then listen to this song. It treats this subject but is kinda positive at the same time)