~That first breath of frigid fall air
~When someone you like says your name
~Looking in the mirror and loving yourself
~The crunch of leaves underneath your feet
~The sound of a dying fire
~Being so entranced in a song you have to restart it to listen again
~The smell of fresh meat on the grill in the summertime
~Laughter of family and friends
~Discovering a new book that you can't put down
~Collecting pieces of poetry and quotes
~The feeling of freshly shaved legs under a soft blanket
~Finishing a full face of glam makeup
~Getting that text from you know who
~Hot cocoa during snow storms
~Lemonade during heat waves
~Laughing so hard your abs hurt
~Finishing a long workout
~Dyeing your hair for the first time and feeling refreshed
~Changing perfumes after a long while and finding your new scent
~Listening to a throwback song that brings back memories
~Sitting down at a piano after a long day and just playing whatever you want
~Being so close to a marching band that you can feel the beat in your heart
~Visiting a loved one you haven't seen in awhile
~Going out for coffee just to talk with a friend
~The smell of your favorite flowers
~Attending your favorite band's concert