Hi everyone! :)
Welcome to my first article and thanks for reading it!
A few things before I get to the actual topic:
When I woke up this morning I thought about how weird and bizarre our dreams can be because I had just had one of my weirdest dreams. So I thought, hey why not share this dream!? I'm also thinking about making this a series but that'll depend a bit on the next dreams I'll have 😄🙆🏼‍♀️
Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this! And don't hesitate to send me a postcard with your thoughts :)

Baby Lion - 23/02/18

It all starts with me cleaning the front gate of someone's house. It turns out to be Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall, which I absolutely adore. I tell her how amazing she is and we have a nice conversation until some guy appears at one of the houses windows and points to the house across the street. He exclaims that someone in that house just dropped a baby lion out of the window.

Jade and I make our way to the house to see if it's true and also to kind of check on the cub. As we get closer we actually decide to walk past the house and pretend like we don't know anything about the lion because we know that the family, that lives in the house, owns a gun/ guns and were afraid that they might shoot at us. We walk towards the woods, which are right behind the house, when all out of the sudden the lion cub appears on our left-hand side. We don't really know what to do and are also a bit scared of the lion, because after all it's still a wild animal. We keep on walking deeper into the woods and the baby lion - which doesn't even look like a lion btw- follows us. We then decide to call the police but when I look up from my phone Jade isn't there anymore.

Instead of here two of my friends, A and L (I would rather not tell there complete names :) ), are now next to me and we decide that A should call the police. We are still walking and are now out of the woods again on a path with a big hill/meadow kind of thing next to us. After a little while I realise that A never called the police so I dial the number and try to call them myself. It doesn't work for some reason but we now hear a car that seems to to be nearby and is coming closer.
We are afraid that this could be one of the family members who's looking for the lion cub so we decide to hide on the meadow, still afraid of the gun(s). It's possible to see the path from there but impossible to see us from the path. I start to run down the meadow/hill but my friends don't follow me because they don't want to leave the baby lion alone. I think it's too risky to go back up to the path and we decide that it would be best to try and call the police again. So I dial the number again and wait for someone to answer the phone. Someone finally picks up and says something I don't understand. I for some reason doubt that it's actually the police and decide to make up an emergency saying that I went for a walk with my friends, tripped and now am unable to walk because I hurt my foot.
The person on the phone again says something that I don't understand but I am now convinced that it is the police. I tell them the truth and everything we know about the lion cub. I then hang up and my friends and I start to run down the hill. Further up the hill I see a man, completely dressed in black, climbing up the hill and just a moment later a very big group of people appear out of nowhere and run towards me and my friends.
We are unsure what to do next and just wait until the group reaches us. We then join them and altogether run to the end of the hill. On our way down we talk about different books because every member of the group will be given a book for helping to find the lion cub and we already try to choose the one we want. We go home and when we get there talk about the amount of money we donated to the charity that gave us the books and who work on protecting animals like the baby lion who are held captive and are illegally bred by humans. I soon realise that I actually can't pay the amount of money I donated (£180) because I'm broke. After finding out that it's shortly after midnight my dream ends with my friend A saying "now this night is over as well".

So this was my dream 😅 I know it has some really weird parts and I'm still wondering about how my brain came up with this…😄
Anyway, please let me know if you like that kind of article and if you're interested in more :) I would also love to hear about weird dreams you had and we could maybe put them all in one collection!?

Thanks again for reading!

All my love, Claire