léon (1994)

book, girl, and books image movie, quotes, and plants image quotes, natalie portman, and leon image leon, natalie portman, and leon the professional image

bridge to terabithia (2007)

Annasophia Robb, josh hutcherson, and gif image josh hutcherson, bridge to terabithia, and rain image Image by KrisTina Image by Yasmin Celeste

psycho (1960)

Image removed Psycho, norman bates, and anthony perkins image Psycho and black and white image Image by Kaname Asogiri

american beauty (1999)

american beauty, movie, and film image 90s, quotes, and alternative image quotes, american beauty, and beauty image gif image

what´s eating gilbert grape (1993)

Gilbert Grape image johnny depp, quotes, and movie image Gilbert Grape, johnny depp, and leonardo dicaprio image Gilbert Grape and johnny depp image

scream (1996)

scream, movie, and aesthetic image drew barrymore, scream, and knife image 1996, movie, and scream image dead, killer, and movie image

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