I just thought i'd hop on this train, and give it a go! Hope you all enjoy! XoXo ~ L

(L) avender

purple, stars, and glitter image snow, winter, and purple image moon, purple, and sky image aesthetic, makeup, and purple image

(A) qua

girl, friends, and blue image water, blue, and sea image aqua, blue, and turquoise image aqua, blue, and gems image

(U) ltra pink

makeup and pink image makeup, pink, and rose image Image by Jen pink image

(R) uby Red

Mature image red, aesthetic, and grunge image red image red, car, and boy image

(I) ce blue

ice image blue, ice, and paradise image blue, ice, and cold image ice image

(N) eon green

cool, light, and aesthetic image green, neon, and glow image fiji, water, and aesthetic image grunge, girl, and black image

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