hello sweet roses,

today i want to talk about something that is constantly mentioned in today's society, so it won't surprise you that i'm here to also jump on the bandwagon and share my thoughts.

for years i have struggled with accepting myself and everything that i am. don't get me wrong, i still struggle with this, but due to years of practicing self-love, it is easier for me now to deal with my degrading thought patterns and talk about the things that make me feel insecure.

now i bet you've read every article there is about accepting yourself. i bet you've compared yourself to fellow classmates, friends, celebrities and models you see on instagram and pinterest. i bet you've looked at yourself in the mirror and in pictures and tried to find something - just something - you can say is beautiful. i bet you this because i've done it all.

yes, i've spent a lot of my nights crying and hoping that something will miraculously make me more beautiful.

but then...then i question: what does beautiful even mean? and, more importantly, why do i have to be it?

now, i have a few gaps in my teeth, i have acne scars with some acne to match, i have stretch marks and frizzy hair, as well as hair that grows everywhere! yes, i also have knobbly knees and bacne and a jaw that isn't strong.


but i also have big eyes and long eyelashes and chocolate coloured hair. i have a long neck and long legs and slender fingers that i admire everyday. i have olive skin and thin feet and full, dark eyebows.

all these things come together to make me, and that is incredible.

whether you have these things or don't have these things, you are still a wonderful, amazing person who deserves the world. if we perceive these things as features and not flaws, we will feel so much happier.

i am a culmination of my mother and my father, as well as flesh and bones and stardust. and so are you. remember that.

i love you,

Elizabeth xx