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Here it is: My second article! (Yeah, I did it, finally!)
I wrote my first article a few months ago, when I started my first semester at university. And although I really wanted to be more active and write more articles, I just couldn’t because I wanted to focus more on university, my “new” life as a student far away from home, with new people around me. And I have to admit that I’m such a lazy person right now, it just isn’t funny anymore… like, where is my motivation? Give it back to me … ugh.

Right now I’m at home because of the semester holidays. In a few days the second semester starts and recently I’ve thought a lot about the last few months. In my first article I wrote about moving out from home as a student because that was a very important topic for me – it was the first time for me living alone without my family and far away from home. But this was not the only challenge that I had to face.

There are so many things that come together when you start university. The first thing is that you have to decide what you want to study when you finish high school. I had problems with that myself. It was the last year of high school and I just had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after finishing school. So what I did was collecting magazines, brochures and other stuff – everything that could give me information about what to do after finishing school, different universities and future jobs. And that was what helped me find the right thing for me: media design. I had a good feeling about it and yeah, that’s actually how I found out about what I wanted to study.

At this point I have to admit that I’m very lucky with that, because I have many friends who just didn’t know what to do so they started studying something they were not 100 percent interested in and they are still trying to find something. So if you don’t know what to do after finishing school, don’t be afraid! You will find your way.

So when I first went into the lecture hall my heart was bumping so fast in my chest. There were so many people there and all I could do was sit there and observe them. Most of them seemed to be really nice and actually it didn’t take me long to find somebody to talk to. Later on I had the chance to meet the other students that would be in my group and at the end of the day I was so happy. I had been so nervous and anxious before but everything turned out quite well. Although I think there was no reason to be that anxious as I had been, I think that the first day is always the worst, especially if you are alone and you haven’t found new friends yet. But at the end of this day you just feel so good because you made it.
At the beginning I had a few problems with some courses, like programming and things like that. But it only took me a few weeks and a few hours of learning with other students until it got easier for me. The time went by really fast and I had a really good time. University has been so interesting, I learned many new things and I found some new friends. I also met my boyfriend there, so I also have been a little bit distracted in my first semester, haha. Butterflies and things like that, you know…

What I want to tell you now is that if you are afraid of your first semester, don’t be! University can be so interesting and also so much fun because you will meet a bunch of new people. If you are afraid of moving out from home I recommend my first article to you, if you haven’t read it yet:

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(Oh and please forgive me if I made mistakes in my text, I know that my english isn't the best)

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